Sighard Lionson as a human


Sighard Lionson as a deadel

Sighard Lionson is a character who appears in The Storm Breaker Saga[1].

Sighard is king of the Trents. When Zoë arrives in his time, he ignores Osric's proclamation that she is the Storm Breaker and has her imprisoned because she was with Torg, who he mistook for Lord Torgamous of Mercia. He releases Zoë after she saves him from a deadel by shooting it with a shotgun, but then declares war against Mercia after receiving an insulting letter from Lord Torgamous.

In the middle of a battle, Sighard tries to rally both armies to his leadership by stealing the Book of E-Ville and declaring himself the Storm Breaker, but K'Z'K is unafraid. Sighard is unable to read the magical runes written in the Book of E-Ville, and is slain by a flying demon. K'Z'K then takes the book sends the demon to hide it where it won't be found for thousands of years.

Sighard becomes a deadel and tries to kill Zoë, but Torg impales him with Chaz and Zoë destroys his head with a shotgun[2].


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