Sham Pain
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Zoë, Riff, Kiki, and Zoë's boyfriend Leo visit the Dimension of Sham-Pain while searching for Torg, who is trapped in the Dimension of Lame. Zoë, Riff, Kiki and Leo are treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet while chained to the floor to keep them from skipping out on the bill. Things turn bad when they find out that they are expected to pay in "demon money"[1], and even worse when Zoë discovers that the fat gained from eating the food will never come off their bodies[2]. The four finally make their escape after Kiki ingests a sugary baklava and becomes super-hyperactive, breaking the chains and dragging the others back through the portal to safety.

The 7th anniversary comic takes place during this story, with the song being sung by Demon Sugar Flu microbes.


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