Shadow Boxing
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Shadow Boxing is the first story in chapter 29 of Sluggy Freelance, Books. Gwynn meets with Bun-bun so they can share their woes over drink, while Riff finishes his greatest invention ever, a chick magnet... it attracts young birds. Bun-bun tells Gwynn that he still has the Groundhog's Shadow attached to him and it is coercing him with karaoke. He wants Gwynn to unsummon it with the Book of E-Ville. Gwynn is panicked, but has to comply. However, due to being drun, she instead summons evil, clothes-eating moths, and in short order, everyone in the house is naked. The next morning, a hung-over Gwynn flees Bun-bun, and the gang needs to get new clothes. Kiki out-karaokes the Groundhog's Shadow, and for a short while, the gang has a "magic" cow (it's full of steaks).

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