Secret Cranky Office Temp
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Secret Cranky Office Temp is the fourth story in chapter 24 of Sluggy Freelance, GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos. Lord Grater goes to unmask Secret Angel Princess-Princess. As it turns out, she is really Princess-Princess. Gasp! Riff and Torg deter a space monster, and forced to work together by Bun-bun, they all fly to the only planet they can reach, Chau-5. They don't eat people there, honest! On the GOFOTRON team, Princess-Princess is temporarily replaced by the temp Louise, or Secret Cranky Office Temp as she'll be called, and is introduced to the rest of the team by Secret Leader Weatherman (who is really Weatherman Stan, gasp!). Surprisingly, the team also includes Lodoze. His worldpart of GOFOTRON is a crotch. GOFOTRON must soon fight, as Zorgon Gola imbues the traitor General Benedict with powers of a space booze. For once, GOFOTRON wins nonviolently, but must learn that Zorgon Gola has a cascade missile, which could destroy the entire Punyverse if fired into a sun, and Zorgon Gola is insane enough to do just that.

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