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Satan is the first storyline in Sluggy Freelance. We meet Torg and Riff as the latter is attempting to summon Satan online. Satan responds by installing Windows 95 on Riff's Macintosh computer. Riff attempts to exorcise Satan from his computer by summoning an archangel named Chuck to compete against him in a Quake deathmatch. When neither achieves a decisive victory over the other, Riff expels them both from his machine by playing an Alanis Morrisette CD, but is unable to shut it off after they departed. Riff gets rid of Morrisette with Gilbert Gottfried, casts out Gottfried with Carrot Top, then finally eliminates Carrot Top by deleting his props, though remnants of all remain in his machine. The storyline ends with Riff rejecting a suggestion by Torg to try Pauly Shore.

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