Santa Claus is the legendary and mythical figure who brings gifts to the homes of the good children during on the night before Christmas. He and Bun-bun have a long and bitter rivalry, and they have tried many times (usually around Christmas) to destroy one another:

Christmas Timeline Edit

  • 1997: Santa declares that Bun-bun must be stopped for being at the top of the naughty list every year. There is a shootout, then Bun-Bun puts plastic explosives in Santa's sleigh. However, the wiring is faulty and the explosives fail to detonate.[1]
  • 1998: Santa distracts Bun-bun with the ghosts of Christmas, and Bun-bun destroys Santa's workshop with a Furby bomb.[2]
  • 1999: Santa plots with the Easter rabbits to create Mecha Easter Bunny, but it fails to kill Bun-bun. Santa escapes to space.[3] At Christmas time, Mrs. Claus is obliged to deliver the presents instead. She and Bun-bun get into a shootout, and Bun-bun coerces her into agreeing to give him a percentage of their profits. Since the North Pole is a not-for-profit organization, Bun-bun gets a fruit basket and $0.[4]
  • 2000: Santa becomes an alien. The elves attempt a rescue mission, but fail to return him to normal. His appearance startles Bun-bun so much that he gets away.[5]
  • 2001: Bun-bun is targeted by "Snowfinger" in a James Bond-like mission. He has to find out who Snowfinger is and destroy him in order to save Christmas. Thinking that Snowfinger is Santa, he accepts the mission willingly. He infiltrates Santa's workshop, and fights Santa, only to find out that Santa is too busy to be Snowfinger. He then reveals that Snowfinger is Jack Frost.[6]
  • 2002: Bun-bun receives an anonymous note telling him that if he kills Santa, he becomes Santa. He then decides to use Kiki to kill Santa for him. Santa sends in a robot for him, and Kiki fails.[7]
  • 2003: Bun-bun takes over Halloween and Thanksgiving and uses his newly-formed army of minions to attack the North Pole. He succeeds in killing Santa, but is tricked by 2003 into being forced to use the last Deus Ex Ovum to save himself, giving up all his holiday powers and restoring Santa to life, sans alien DNA. Santa and the other holiday patrons toss Bun-bun into Timeless Space.[8]
  • 2006: After his return from Timeless Space, Bun-bun opts to inconvenience Santa rather than kill him, launching Kiki at his sleigh while hopped up on pixie sticks. The toys end up scattered all over the highway.[9]

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