Sam Sein
Lysinda Circle
Flirtatious moron
First appearance
Vampire strength, regeneration, flying
Sam's da man

Sam Sein used to live in the same apartment complex as Torg and Riff. He had a crush on Zoë, and asked her out several times, but was always rejected .[1] Later he became a vampire. [2]

Sam was introduced into the comic as the host of Sluggy's very first Halloween Party.[3]

Sam view himself as "a player", not wasting any opportunity to hit on any attractive woman nearby. Sam seemed to have a perfect score of rejections, until he finally hit on Sasha, who agreed to go on a date with him.[4]

As a vampire, Sam has several supernatural abilities. Sam can fly, has super strength and can regenerate from the most grievious of wounds, even having his brain eaten.[5] He also seem to have increased his mortal skills in repulsing women, being able to make even zombies lose their appetite.[6] Although he was turned by Lysinda, the Lysinda circle was vanquished, so he decided to start his own circle, the "Sam Cirkail Mama-Jama". In his head he has backup singers that are mascots of a sort for the cirkail -- er, circle. Sam remains the only member despite attempts to increase the circle's numbers.

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