The "Dimension of Lame" version of Riff also known as alt-Riff is a pleasant, nice and hippie peacelover like the other inhabitants of the dimension.

In contrast to the main character Riff, alt-Riff use his inventor skills to develop cure for deadly diseases and other things that would help people, rather than weapons, robots and explosions. During the invasion of the Dimension of Lame by the demon from the Dimension of Pain, alt-Riff remarks that they might have had a fighting chance if only he had spend his time producing weapons instead. However good he acts though, he is still rather flawed, as he selfishly attempts to "set things right" after his dimension's Torg and Kiki die by kidnapping another dimentions Torg and Kiki. This shortsightedness eventually leads to the Dimension of Pain's invasion.

Alt-Riff ends up being transformed into a demon himself, but remain a rather nice guy. He is employed by the demonic army to invent a solution to the flower-scented sewers that repel the demons of pain. As part of his demonic nature, Riff is compelled to play minor scares on children, something he consider a major curse.

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