Restless Natives
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Restless Natives is the fifth story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. The gang is attacked by godhounds, dim dog-like spirits that believe they are gods. They eat Creepser's companions, but can be easily be driven away regardless. One tries to eat Beth, but Torg comes to her rescue... by jumping into the Never after them. Aylee tries to save both of them, but it takes Sam being unstaked by Zoë to do so. The godhounds lie in wait as Creepser explains that the house arrived off-target, in the Blight, where worse creatures than the godhounds dwell. Riff blows up the wards binding the final Rayth, Wilbur to free him, while Donna tries to find refuge from the weirdness. Then, something worse comes for the house - a Mind Wedgier that kills Creepser and hypnotizes the gang. Gwynn shakes it off thanks to the Book of E-Ville and Zoë thanks to her immunity. The Groundhog's Shadow gloats and tries to get Bun-bun eaten, but Zoë intervenes, throwing Bun-bun at the mind wedgier's eyes, which frees everyone. Everyone flees into a safe room, and discuss their options. Wilbur could release the ghosts into the Never to get the house back, but no one is willing to subject the ghosts to that, and Wilbur is only willing to receive new orders from Kesandru. Or, as Beth observes, from Kesandru's daughter...

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Horribus resculpts the surface to his liking, from a jungle to a hellscape with his accomplice Crallax, not knowing that the latter runs a drag show. The Dimension of Pain, however, becomes more and more earth-like... the work of an angel, as Reakk, Psyk, Mosp, Isp and Osp are told by a secret informant. That angel snuck in when Terribus sold his soul to a mortal politician. The only weapon against the angel is Horribus's Seraph-Slayer 3000, which only Horribus can wield. Turns out, Reakk sold the Seraph-Slayer...

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