Rescue Mission to the North Pole!
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Rescue Mission to the North Pole! is the fourth story in chapter 21 of Sluggy Freelance, The Hunt. The Black Ops Elves under Squishydodo, Slappyhoho and Squintyhoyo receive a distress call from Mrs Claus. Though they have no idea what to expect, they nonetheless start a large scale mission to Santa's new workshop, with heavy (if often self-inflicted) casualties. Squishydodo apparently goes mad an runs off with an explosive Furby and a nerf sword, and Slappyhoho, Squintyhoyo, and Skimpymoomoo flee from strange creatures. Slappyhoho and Skimpymoomoo run into a Dr. Scabmoreaueau, a geneticst who confirms that the two are uninfected, and explains that the creatures they encountered earlier are elves infected by alien spores that Santa brought back from space. Squintyhoyo joins up with the three, and as Dr. Scabmoreaueau explains that an invention of his, the RSR gas, could act as a weapon against the aliens, and that Santa faked the distress call thanks to his new malleable body. Santa then reveals himself - he took Squintyhoyo's position earlier. Squishydodo returns in time to shoot Santa with a nerf gun, against which it turns out the aliens are weak. They isolate Santa and learn that the aliens mistook Santa for a weapons dealer. Alien Santa is in fact amused by this - the few elves that know are now in the same room as the alien commander, the mutated Rudolph. Dr. Scabmoreaueau floods the room with RSR gas to combat Rudolph's alien DNA, and is healed despite Santa's attempts to the contrary. Santa is also exposed to the gas, but the Doctor fears that he is too far into the transformation, possibly killing Santa. Rudolph flies the elves out of the workshop, and Squishydodo blows it up with help of the Furby he placed near the explosives in the workshop.

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