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Kusari mocks Dr. Schlock with sarcasm. Crushestro plans to steal Hereti-Corp's primary servers and sabotage the backups. Torg is playing with Zombie Head on a Stick, which disgusts Zoë. Torg sold Crushestro the plans to Riff's Mark 19 robot, but they couldn't use the plans without stealing an encryption key from Hereti-Corp, because Riff has "documentation issues."

Torg and his team are in a "working showroom" at a Bjorkea store; it's inaccessible to the shopping public because it's hidden inside a Moebius strip. Torg recaps the search for Dr. Steve's lab and the take-down of the NoFun group, but says the objective is the same as it always has been: to deal with Oasis. Riff thinks Torg's plan is workable, as long as Schlock doesn't deploy Hereti-Corp's ultimate weapon: the orbital Dimensional Flux Agitator. Riff's objective is also a little different from Torg's: Riff wants to get Sasha back safely from China.

Torg and Sam infiltrate Hereti-Corp's New Jersey headquarters and steal keys from executive/researcher Biyu Daiyu. Riff is assigned to several important projects, including making EMP bombs. Zoë is given the hardest task of all: maintaining order. Riff has designed a "Kiki-falcon," but it won't retrieve anything but Bun-bun, resulting in mayhem.

With six hours to go, Torg checks in with Crushestro. Subsequently, Monicruel reveals that she has Sasha, resulting in some "recalibration" of the plan.

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