Rayths are spectral creatures native of the Never loyal to (and possible created by) the demonic god Rithuly.


Rayths have the appearance of short, demonic ghosts with large, pupiless eyes, rotted teeth, decayed, pale skin and a few tufts of soiled hair. They also wear spectral clothes that seems to be made of the same supernatural energy that the Rayths themselves are made of, and created the city of Raythdom to live and reign over the whole dimension. It was not made clear if the Rayth species was created by Rithuly along with the city or if they already existed before Rithuly's coming, but judging by the way the Rayth are afraid of the monsters outside the Raythdom boundaries, they are undoubtly loyal and grateful to Rithuly for his protection.

Though Torg says that the Rayths are a kind of demon, and while they certainly could be classified as such due to their aspect and servitude to Rithuly, Creepser claims that they aren't demons in the strict sense of the word, because, while they are all native of a hell-like dimension and did consume (and perharps torture) souls that get into the Never, they don't actively try to capture souls to the dimension, and only do harm against human ghosts out of necessity or when ordered to do by Rithuly. They even claim that using the term "demon" for them is racism. Creepser also claims that are female Rayths in the Never, but since only male rayths appeared in the webcomic, their sexual dimorphism (if any) is uncertain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though Rayths may pale towards Godhounds, Mind Wedgier and carnal humans in their dimension, they are undoubtedly highly skilled in magical arts, particulary arcane lore and spell casting. To date, they proved to be powerful enough to lift several persons by sheer telekinesis, easily manipulate several ghosts at once to open dimensional portals that carnal humans and spirits can use alike, and are capable of creating defensive wards which can protect them even against an adult Mind Wedgier. Creepser makes a reference to their aptitude with magic by claiming that Rayths are "a bunch of Shadow-Spirit-Mage-Witches".

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