Qwirky Waltons is a reporter for Nifty News Fifty who makes appearances on several occasions.

In Holiday Seasons, Qwirky appears for the first time, questioning General Mayhem about his experiments to raise the dead for military purposes.

In The Slug-Files, Qwirky reports on an alleged affair between Bun-bun and Cinny-bun[1].

In Valerie, a report by Qwirky lets Riff know that Bun-bun has stolen his robot and gone on a rampage with it[2].

In Vampires, Qwirky reports on the vampire attacks taking place in the neighborhood[3].

Qwirky is present when Torg battles K'Z'K in New York.

In Kiki's Virus, Qwirky appears in a guest strip to report that both Pete Abrams and Shirt-Guy Tom have fallen into comas due to Dr. Catherine Crabtree's nanites[4]

In Love Potion, Qwirky reports on the destruction of the Pharaoh's Tomb Resort, letting Gwynn know where Torg is[5].

In Mandatory Applause, Qwirky hosts the show "Clutter is my Monster", where Clutter Monster attempts to get Torg to throw out some of his excess junk[6].

An alternate version of Qwirky Waltons exists in the Dimension of Rain. See Qwirky Waltons (DoR).


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