Qaboos al-Fin is the wealthy head of an exports company[1].

Qaboos is a good friend of Riff's father, Wilcott Wilden. He helps Riff and his friends flee from Bun-bun and Squishydodo's group of black-ops elves after Aylee accidentally erases Bun-bun's collection of Baywatch tapes with an electromagnetic pulse.

When the heroes and Wilden decide to return to the pyramid of Mohkadun, Qaboos arranges transport for them[2]. However, like Wilden, he is actually working with the Cult of the Release, and imprisons the heroes after drugging their tea. When the heroes attempt to escape, he tries to kill Torg and Zoë, but is shot in the head with a sniper rifle by the Strawman, who is working for the rival Cult of K'Z'K[3].


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