The Punyverse (as Torg called it) was a rather small alternate universe or, at least, a small part of an alternate universe.

The Punyverse consisted of only a few hundred star systems relatively close together contained within a sphere whose edges would obliterate all matter impacting with them and send it back as energy. Only the outer worlds, who were charred by this radiation, were uninhabited. At the centre of the universe was a quantum singularity. The whole universe was inhabited by and divided roughly equally in the middle between two warring humanoid species. Of these, the blue-skinned Lohvos were evidently the good guys and the red Zorgons the bad guys. From a more abstract perspective, the universe consisted mostly of elements that were parodies of science fiction, anime and superhero themes.

In actual fact, the Punyverse was a prototype micro-galactic eco-battery created by a being called Vozar who was himself much larger than the whole universe and an employee at the Sound and Fury Farms Waffles. It was meant to enter a stage of constant explosion, where the energy from the whole universe exploding was reflected back by the edges, converged at the singularity and exploded again. Eventually this happened, and the computer indicated this was because of "pure stupidity". More precisely, Zorgon Gola, the leader of the Zorgons, unintentinally destroyed the whole universe by sending a puppy called Scooter, imbued with a cascade missile, into a sun, which sent out an energy signature that caused every other sun to explode as well.

There were no native survivors, though Torg, Riff and Bun-bun managed to return to their own dimension before being disintegrated.