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Pretty Tangle
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Pretty Tangle is the sixth and last story of the chapter Living Conditions, dealing with the aftermath of the Zomgeek outbreak caused by the cloners. Gwynn realizes that Zoë may be the cause of Torg's unusual behavior. Meander, who was saved by Zoë from the Clonegressive building, has been possessed by the demon who caused the mess, Chilus. Skippy chides Chilus for bringing the Storm Breaker back into the fold. Hereti-Corp is missing one of their board members, Gahad Dan-Met. Kusari finds that Dan-Met died, and that her death is linked to a strange symbol - that of Chilus' cult. Torg vanishes, and the gang receives a crate for Torg.

And elsewhere, the Fate Spider is panicking, as the Fate Web is developing more than just a pretty tangle...

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