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Precious Metals
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Torg infiltrates Hereti-Corp, and later realise that Riff's Mark 19 robot was stolen by Hereti-Corp.

Plot[edit | edit source]

On the night of New Year's Day, Torg and Bun-bun sneak into Dr. Steven Hereti's lab only to discover that Hereti-Corp had already found its location and turned the site into an hC research lab. Using a special whistle to attract "bad guys", Torg lures two guards out of their post and steals their uniforms, but not before he attracts the local mayor and a telemarketer with the same whistle (both are promptly beaten up by Bun-bun). Inside the lab, Torg and Bun-bun hide themselves behind a ruined building and have a argument about how Bun-bun's fur recovered so quickly (apparently, it was thanks to "plastic furgery"), but they are quickly spotted and recognized by Dr. Marcus Chen. However, since Chen himself is little more than a prisoner at Hereti-Corp's hands, he deliberately lets them escape and forges an alliance with them in exchange for his freedom.

Later, at home, Torg mourns that they abandoned the Minion Master too early and is shocked when the evening news reports that a robotic suit belonging to the American Army was found in India a few months earlier, a suit of the same design as Riff's Mark 19. Realizing that Hereti-Corp stole Riff's design, Torg vows that it's time to lay seige to and destroy Hereti-Corp, but when Sasha notes that such plan might be impossible even with Bun-bun's help, Torg retorts that he'll call a old friend for help. Torg calls Crushestro on his cell phone, and the story ends with Crushestro slyly agreeing to hear Torg's proposal.

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