Politics of a Punyverse
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Politics of a Punyverse is the second story in chapter 24 of Sluggy Freelance, GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos. Riff and Torg are back in the cell that held them before. Luckily for them, it hasn't been fixed, so they run off to the city hall from where they can open their portal home, and meet up with Bun-bun. Thanks to Torg, however, the three are captured again and put on a ship to transfer them to the outer world mines. Lodoze comes along for the ride, but during a turbulence, Bun-bun shoves him into the vacuum and retakes the remote. The turbulence however was the destruction of the planet the gang was on, and where the portal was. The three are taken in by the Zorgon forces and Lord Grater, who believes them to be Zorgon spies. They learn that the universe is outright puny, and Torg labels it the Punyverse. It is evenly divided between the Zorgons and the Lohvos. Public opinion among the Lohvos is shifting against the king of the Lohvos and GOFOTRON, but GOFOTRON will fight against the Zorgons for justice, not for vengeance. At least that's how Secret Angel Princess-Princess is thinking. Secret Leader Weatherman seems more interested in what Secret Angel Princess-Princess is wearing.

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