Chapter 61: Perspective
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Perspective is the 61st chapter of Sluggy Freelance. It has more serious overtones than most of the other chapters. It deals with the continuing adventures of Riff in the Dimension of Rain and Torg and his group in Sluggy Prime.

A Better View IEdit

In which Torg comes back after an absence, and Bun-Bun leaves the group.

*Emergency TOC WOW Week*Edit

In which the Oasis Contingent reenacts some classic Sluggy Strips in WOW.

A Better View IIEdit

In which tales are told of Torg's absence.

4U City GreenEdit

In which Riff awakens to a new identity and new comrades.

*Portraits Week*Edit

In which a series of paintings of favorite characters is produced.

*Stick Figures in Spaaaaaace 5*Edit

In which the stick crew escape their horrible fate to end up in a worse one.

4U City BlueEdit

In which secrets are revealed and Riff takes on a new mission.

Minions are ForeverEdit

In which the minions return for an operation against Dr. NoFun.

*Preview Weeks*Edit

In which Pete showcases Defender's exclusive content.

Minions are Forever IIEdit

In which Dr. NoFun's technicians fall prey to the Squid on a Stick, and Torg plans his escape (well, sort of).

Home for the HolidaysEdit

In which Sam and Sasha go on a date, and Torg remembers good friends lost.

*Sluggy Pawnz Week*Edit

In which Pete gives his Sluggites some arts and crafts projects.

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