Override B-1 is a major motivating factor of Oasis and a frequent cause of conflict between her and Hereti-Corp.

Override B-1 in action


Override B-1 is a mysterious command implanted in Oasis's mind at an unknown time by Dr. Steven Hereti. Upon seeing the Hereti-Corp logo, Override B-1 immediately forces Oasis to drop whatever she is doing and kill anyone she perceives as being in league with Hereti-Corp. This has led to some mix-ups with the recent advent of the House of Cheese franchise, which bears Hereti-Corp's logo. Oasis will only come out of an Override B-1 fueled rage if every perceived Hereti-Corp employee is dead, or if Torg manages to talk her down from it. (although this leads to her mind getting caught in a loop)[1] Override B-1 has enough influence on Oasis to make her temporarily forget her jealousy of Zoë[2].


It is unknown where the exact name for Override B-1 came from, the command was implanted by Dr. Steve due to his loss of Hereti-Corp to Daedalus as a method of revenge. During her time in Orsintos Labs Oasis's cell was indicated to be cell B-1, which implies a connection between it and Override B-1.[3]

Override B-1 was first shown on February 25th 2001.[4]