Osric was a prophet in the past, serving King Sighard of Trent during the War of the Bug Squishers. He foretold the coming of the Storm, a powerful demon, but also the appearance of a Storm Breaker who would defeat it. When Torg and Zoë were trapped in the past, Osric helped the two to the best of his ability. He provided Zoë with the Book of E-Ville, and when that tome was lost to K'Z'K due to Sighard, he put the two on the track of the Book of Güd. He died in the cave of Yffi which held that book, becoming a Deadel of K'Z'K, alerting his new master of the plan. He also tried to usurp the power of the Storm Breaker, Zoë's shotgun, but held it wrong so that Torg could shoot him. The undead Osric fell into a deep chasm from the shot.

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