Orsintos Labs was founded in 1950 by the FBI to capture and study paranormal phenomenon, a response to the CIA gaining a monopoly over alien investigations following Roswell [1]. There are two known sections of Orsintos: Section 1 dealt with spirits, and Section 2 dealt with extra sensory perception. Section 2 was split into at least five divisions; 2-A was Ghost Sensitivity, 2-B was Telepathy, and 2-E was "Pyrokenetics" [2].

The first Orsintos laboratory was founded near Hopatcong, New Jersey by science specialist James Orsin and paranormal studies specialist Bill Sintos. In 1967, they began research on zombies, including Jane. In 1971, Jane lead the zombie uprising which killed Bill Sintos and resulted in that lab being closed. In 1972, three new labs were founded near Quantico, including one focused on ghosts. Oasis was brought to this lab at age 6 in 1987, and kept in Cell B-1. After Section 1 ruled out spirit possession, she was transfered to division 2-E. She was quickly determined to be "paranormal positive" after killing five of the nine scientists studying her with pyrokinesis [3].

Known Former MembersEdit

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