On The Run: Finale
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On The Run: Finale is the fourth story in chapter 20 of Sluggy Freelance, On the Run. On the flight home, Torg works out a plan to avoid getting killed by Bun-bun, while the Black Ops Elves work on a plan to capture the gang. Their destination airport is turned into a trap, with an internet booth and a conveniently-placed truck. After procuring something on the internet, the gang steals the truck (which happens to be a potato truck) and drives away. The elves had created a roadblock, but an unforseen step requires them to move it, where Dr. Crabtree kills that troop. Now styling herself the nanite queen, she intercepts the truck with Kiki, but Aylee releases an EMP, killing Dr. Crabtree, the truck, and a Black Ops chopper. Aylee and Kiki can fly away, but the Black Ops leader Squishydodo goes easy on Riff, Torg and Zoë due to a lack of orders. Bun-bun appears in the sky flying a WWI plane unaffected by Aylee's EMPs and attacks her, but Aylee lands on the wings in the blind spot of the gun. While the Black Ops Elves are distracted, the gang steals their truck. At home, the package Torg bought has arrived - a whole collection of Baywatch tapes. The gang removes the labels, so Bun-bun is forced to watch them all, and Aylee fakes an impeding EMP, so he is forced to run away and do it now, mellowing him out.

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