Omnitaser Supreme
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Omnitaser Supreme is the second story in chapter 10 of Sluggy Freelance, K'Z'K. Berk has changed targets after trying to kill Torg, and is now trying to kill Gwynn as Riff intervenes with his Omnitaser Supreme. As the two flee from Berk, Gwynn tells Riff that she needs to complete a spell Berk disturbed her in, otherwise great harm would befall the world (as opposed to only Riff). Berk takes the Book of E-Ville however. Torg works out that Berk must be from a dark future. Gwynn tries to complete the spell without the Book of E-Ville, but it goes wrong, and she is possessed by a demon. Luckily, Gwynn's demon form can't wear her glasses, so it is just as blind. The gang captures Berk to interrogate him, and find that Riff confronting, or getting killed by, the demon, may bring about the demon's freedom and the end times. Berk had been sent back to kill the likely subjects for summoning the demon.

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