Obsidian Teknokon

The Obsidian Teknokon is one of the Teknokon robots left behind in Timeless Space.

One of the numerous stories about the Carib Crazy Carver concerns a Teknokon with a soul, called the Obsidian Teknokon. While attempting to reassemble broken Teknokons, Crazy Carver came across one that was different from the others. It responded to his thoughts, and helped him repair and reprogram the other Teknokons. Crazy Carver removed its memory banks, and founds designs for Teknokon One within. The Obsidian Teknokon then ceased obeying his orders, and vowed revenge against all life for betraying its friendship. As the Obsidian Teknokon left, Crazy Carver noticed the abnormally large time bubble surrounding it, and concluded that this was because it had a soul. In actuality, it was a result of Bun-bun hiding within the Obsidian Teknokon's head; as the Obsidian Teknokon was programmed to obey the thoughts of the nearest living being, it ceased obeying Crazy Carver and started following Bun-bun's orders.

The Obsidian Teknokon sank into the Oceans Unmoving at the end of Oceans Unmoving II.

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