A gymnast assassin who is brainwashed to be madly in love with Torg and will kill anyone in her path. She has no memory of her life prior to being brainwashed to love Torg. It was revealed in a September 2006 story that her surname was assumed to be "Roken" (later revealed to be a pseudonym taken from the name of the misspelled "pyrokenetics lab" and she was dropped off at an orphanage at Virginia at age six by a "crazy-looking man" [1], before being adopted by Dr. Steven Hereti a month later; she was just as capable an assassin back then, and did abstract art. It is known that before this, she spent some time at the Orsintos Research Center, which attempted to capture and weaponise ghosts[2]; in the present day, the center is long abandoned and most of its records have been destroyed, and one of Oasis' paintings is in Cell B-1. Its only resident is a ghost trapped within that communicates via cell phone.

She harbors a special, programmed hatred for Hereti-Corp (known as "override B-1"), and will drop whatever she's doing and kill anyone associated with them. She had been trying to kill Zoë out of jealousy, although she was pacified by a marriage proposal from Torg. She has returned from the dead several times, and each time switches from relatively calm and stable to insane and back again. Her latest life is quite sane, and she currently seems more interested in discovering herself than pursuing Torg further. She was once thought to be a robot, but was confirmed to be an extremely athletic human. She has a habit of repeatedly and mysteriously coming back from supposedly lethal conditions, a trait she thinks is because she is a ghost possessing the bodies of different humans every time she dies, although the only proof was the discovery of her charred remains from a former body.

After spending several months operating in the small town of Podunkton as a vigilante, killing criminals and throwing about very lame puns due to her total boredom, Oasis was shot in the head by an assassin under cover as a reporter named Nash Straw[3]. She appeared several minutes later to attack Straw, once again wearing the assassin-costume she perhaps always resurrects in; adding to the mystery, an unidentified corpse was found in the remains of Nash's car, and it is presumed this was the recently-killed Oasis body. Following the battle, Oasis mentioned a theory that she is a ghost possessing and altering other people's bodies[4], and that this is why she reacts differently to the same memories and situations following every death[5]. How accurate her theories are is unknown.

Most recently, Nash Straw killed Oasis again, while she was held in stasis by Hereti-Corp. This time he took her head instead of the whole body in the hopes that she won't try to kill him this time. We have yet to see her respawn.

Oasis first appeared on September 22, 1999[6].

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