Nothing Dead Here
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Nothing Dead Here is the second story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. Something is happening in the Brie Meighsaton House... and the ghost of Bert coming home is one of the triggers. He appears to Torg so that he can complete his paintings, though only Torg can see him. Beth writes a warning by Zoë mirror - "Nothing dead here." Despite some communication problems, Torg finishes the painting, so Bert can float to heaven... except that he sinks partway into the floor. Zoë is close to moving out, and the gang calls once more on the thieving medium Madame Jujube, who opens up Torg's spirit to the residue of the ghosts. Riff realizes that part of Beth's warning was obscured by the mirror - "Nothing Dead Here Leaves." A quick look into the trapdoor confirms this - the basement, Kesandru's Well, is full of swirling ghosts. Torg tries to skip a household meeting, and is given the task of sorting through the recycling. He finds that someone had the money to order pizza. As he tries to get on the case of that, Aylee uncovers a seal of Kesandru behind a support wall she gnawed on, Torg finds that Sam is still in the house, using Gwynn and the pizza delivery girl, and the landlord comes... so Riff goes to deal with Sam. Zoë and the landlord at first can't see each other, and the latter turns out to be a spirit creature. He begins a strange ritual, and a green glow fills the house and temporarily paralyzes Sam. Kiki tries to save Sam from Riff, and Zoë tries to leave the house... and finds it floating in a red nothingness.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Reakk's race for Demon Lord gets an unexpected boost, as proof surfaces that Terribus sold his soul to a mortal politician. Even the Dimension of Pain has its limits. To even the odds, he pulls some strings to get the Second Dragon of Annoyia to design the ballots for the election. The dragon comes up with the butterfly ballot.. rip of one wing of a butterfly, and you vote for a certain demon. The Dragon manages to sabotage the election by accidentally revealing the existence of the Sacred Circle of Protection to the butterflies, and though Reakk gets a butterfly, he manages to vote for Terribus. The butterfly tries to sue Reakk (but is killed by a supporter), Mosp starts going out with Terribus, and there is this nagging feeling that some things are changing in the Dimension of Pain... On the surface, Horribus suffers under Steve Uozin, who manages to save a female demon named Jerri, who joins the two.

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