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Not a Good Idea is the second story in chapter 22 of Sluggy Freelance, The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot. Sasha wants to help Torg to get together with Zoë, until she learns that Oasis might be around. To check on this, the two go to Le Snootier to check, and she is there indeed, but seems rather depressed. She says that Dr. Steve's mantra was "Nosce te ipsum" (know thyself), and that she'd be free of of if she had grown enough to know herself. She also reveals that she has no scars from her last death. As Kiki causes a distraction, a squad of Hereti-Corp agents appears led by Kusari to capture Oasis, but she begins to attack them relentlessly. The other guests run away, and the Hereti-Corp agents set up explosives, but a kill by Oasis makes it unclear whether they are live. Everyone else retreats, and Kusari tackles Oasis out of a window. The restaurant explodes, Sparky is broken, Oasis is gravely wounded, and Kusari says that she and Oasis are family before she leaves Oasis to her fate.

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