Nombies are animals who have been hypnotized by NOM technology. In chapter 63: Safehouse the designer of the super-popular multiplatform game "HamsterNom" relay the following subliminal suggestion to all users of the game in the local area:

  1. human flesh is the greatest tasting food ever
  2. you are starving to death
  3. act monsterous

Contrary to the designers intentions, the suggestion did not work on human subjects, but rather well on animals. His motivation was to get revenge over X-ploit-U-soft, the company who stole HamsterNom from him. Setient animals can resist the nombiefication by sheer willpower since the program only affects their instinct. However, the program become stronger on the animal subconsious as they look at the game, and as a result, even humans can become nombies if expose too long and often to the game [1].

Affected animals were: Bun-bun, Kiki, the chipmunks, big bear and small bear.


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