Dr. NoFun is the leader of NoFun Corporation, one of the supervillain groups introduced in the Minions are Forever storyline, who are making bids for the displacement drive vehicle.

The NoFun Mutants are former employees of NoFun Corporation, exposed to mutagene.

Dr. NoFunEdit

The doctor is a chinese elderly looking man, who are dependant on a wheelchair and breathing apperatus. He lives up to his name, having a very stern attitude. Dr. NoFun is also extremely sexist, expressing consequently that the female employees of his company contribute nothing of value. He retain this attitude even when attempting to negociate the return of a female NoFun scientist from Hereti-Corp.

NoFun CorporationEdit

A chinese biotech company, Nofun Corp deals with hazardous materials and have extremely rigid safety procedures that usually involves the elimination of personel at the slightest risk of exposure.

It is also marked by company policies that reflect the extreme sexist views of Dr. NoFun, including a lot of hillarius posters regarding women.

NoFun Mutants / Legacy GroupEdit


Squid-on-a-stick with mutated NoFun employees

During the break-in of Torg and the other minions, the safety procedures are switched off and a mutagenic device (Squid-on-a-stick) causes a bunch of NoFun employees to mutate. They eventually force Dr. NoFun to join them, but the doctor is soon after killed by Crushestro.

The mutants appoint Pang as their new leader, and organize as the NoFun Legacy group, making an alliance with Crushestro due to his strategic importance as weapons manufacturer.

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