The Never is a hell-like dimension ruled by the demonic Rithuly. It is a "hellish-stygian-pit-heck" where the life-energy of ghosts and spirits is endlessly consumed and recycled by the inhabitants [1]. The Never was in a perpetual state of conflict before Rithuly carved order out of chaos and created the Raythdom. The areas outside the Raythdom are still vicious and chaotic, and feared even by the inhabitants of the Never.

Spirit is solid in the Never, but physical objects are extra-solid, so creatures like Rayths and Godhounds stand little chance against living humans [2]. However, some monsters such as the Mind Wedgier can consume spirit and flesh alike.

The inhabitants of the Never generally have little interest in Sluggy Prime, and neither harvest ghosts from the material plane nor welcome visitors [3]. However, it is possible for those in the material plane to summon Rithuly and make deals with him [4].

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