Nag's Head, North Carolina
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Nag's Head, North Carolina is the third story in chapter 7 of Sluggy Freelance, Summer Vacation. After Bun-bun's botched hijacking, the gang arrives at Nag's Head for their summer vacation, where Bun-bun learns not to gnaw everything, Riff meets the danger of jellyfishes, and Torg should be careful about the context in which he says crabs. Bun-bun and Kiki meet a girl named Jaya, and the three of them become pirates in their rubber raft, wrecking a yacht in the process. During an evening when Torg, Riff, Gwynn, and Zoë go fishing on a pier, the Bloody Bun is in danger of being drafted under that pier. Jaya and Kiki, who fall overboard are in danger of drowning, while Bun-bun paddled away. When a shark approached Jaya and Kiki, Torg jumps into the water, knocking himself and the shark out in the process, and Riff jumps after him and drags all of them out of the water.

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