Agent N'aaaw
Human: Naive and emotional

Possessed: Fighting machine

Inner demon: Animalistic
First appearance
Super strength, strong bite, extreme regeneration
Oh golly! I thought we´d never find you. But here you are! That´s so great! We should do lunch!

Agent N'aaaw is a demon-possessed agent of the Cult of K'Z'K.

When in "human mode" N'aaaw seems like a cute, oblivious and defenceless girl (albeit one who makes jokes with odd double-entendres toward cannibalism. But then, her demon form is very much a humanitarian.)

In "possessed mode" N'aaaw changes her appearance to include huge muscular arms and legs, and a huge mouth filled with sharp fangs. N'aaaw can change between appearances fast enough to distract opponents in a battle.

Her demon-powers include super-strength matching that of Sam's, and regenerating capabilities far better than Sam's regeneration, allowing her to recover from multiple deadly wounds in a matter of seconds.

N'aaaw worked with agent Whisper, and was the muscle of the duo.

Her "inner demon" seems to be almost animalistic, capable only of uttering the word "A-NI-MAUL" when communicating with other demons such as (the late) Whisper. This makes it very likely that the demon is the brother of Skippy.

N'aaaw was last seen being shot (glancingly) by Agent Ray Strum as he escaped with Torg et al (comic of 6/13/14).