The Mummy is a character that first appears in Return of the Holiday Seasons[1].

The mummy is a guardian of the pyramid of Mohkadun. If anyone steals one of Dunuloa's magic treasures, the mummy is capable of sensing their location and will relentlessly pursue them until it crushes their throat. However, it is only capable of moving at an incredibly slow pace.

The curse of the mummy was first triggered when Wilcott Wilden removed the Wand of Scoobusdobios Du from the pyramid. The mummy set off in pursuit, but had not even managed to make its way out of the pyramid by the time Riff and Torg returned the wand to the pyramid years later. When Torg removed the Camel Necklace from the pyramid, he became the new target of the mummy's curse.

The mummy spent the next ten years slowly pursuing Torg. It was still walking across the bottom of the ocean when Torg passed over it on a boat headed back towards the pyramid. After realizing this, the mummy spent an entire week cursing[2].


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