Mohkadun pyramids

The double pyramids of Mohkadun

In ancient times, the city of Mohkadun housed an Egypt-like society with pyramids, mummies, and a series of gods.


The PyramidEdit

The first encounter with Mohkadun in Sluggy was when Riff and Torg found a pyramid in Tunisia.

They ended up spending Christmas trapped inside the pyramid, with snakes, pitfalls, bones and a cursed mummy.[1]

The NecklaceEdit

Torg found a necklace inside the pyramid and gave it as a gift to Zoë

The necklace was cursed, however, and Zoë turned into the form of a camel.[2]

Doing a bit of research they realized that the necklace came from Mohkadun, and found the two words "shupid" and "kwi" turned the wearer from human to camel and back.[3]

In ancient timesEdit

People of the cityEdit

The ancient city is profiled by a few personalities.

King Terohtep Farahn is the stern ruler of the city, disciple of the god of power and a fan of hand-cuttings.

Siphaniana is the queen of Mokhadun and the favored wife of King Farahn. Siphaniana is not satisfied with the king, however, and seeks romantic adventure (and/or the security of her husband's jealous attention) with the godling Kron.

Kron enacts a plan to hide the queen from the king's spies, a magic necklace that will turn her into the form of his race-camel Shupid.

The enchantment backfires, however, and cause the souls of Siphaniana and Gwynn to swap, stranding both women in a foreign body and time, and with no mastery of the local language.

Once in the current time, Siphaniana learns English with the help of Aylee, who misunderstands the situation as Gwynn simply being hungover for a normal period of time.

Siphaniana introduces the main characters to the creation mythology of Mokhadun. In this mythology the creator-god Prozoaku aided by his creation the time-god Krohnus seek to prevent the destroyer-god Kozoaku from destroying existence itself.

This leads to an interesting new perspective, once Zoë realizes that Kozoaku is the same as the demon K'Z'K.


Living in a huge floating inverted pyramid, the gods of Mohkadun are more powerful than even Fahran, and play their own political games.

Gods of Mohkadun
Title(s) Name Symbol
The Time-Father Krohnus/ Father Time Hourglass / Double Pyramid
God of Justice Symachus Scales of Justice
God of Power Sluggy Bun-bun face
God of Joy The Krig Striped Egg
God of Fate Tempest / Uncle Time Swirl
Godling of Krohnus Kron Diamond / Double Pyramid
"Godessling"? of Krohnus / The Sun-Twin Rana / "Ra" White circle
"Goddessling"? of Krohnus / The Moon-Twin / The Magical She-Riff Dunuloa / "Lunoa" Black circle


In the ancient city of Mokhadun, mythology tell of the existence of a creator-supergod Prozoato and a destroyer supergod Kozoaku, both created by The One. Kozoaku turns out to be the truename of K'Z'K before some event caused him to lose the vowels in his name.

As soon as Prozoato would create a spark of life in the world, Kozoaku would end it. Our heroes currently live in the 7th spark:

  1. Amoebas.[4]
  2. Fish.[5]
  3. Dinosaurs killed by zombie-dinosaurs.[6]
  4. Unknown, but possibly dinosaurs killed by a zombie-meteor.[7]
  5. Origin of Krohnus.[8]
  6. 1st City of Mohkadun; caveman / Neanderthals.[9] This spark was frozen & shattered after Symachus and the Krigs summoned Kozoaku.[10][11]
  7. Started with the 2nd City of Mohkadun and the reign of King Farahn & Queen Siphaniana.[12] This spark was called "Spark of the Gods" by Queen Siphaniana.[13]  Our heroes' adventures generally take place in this spark in a time period that is millennia after its creation.[14]

It was in the 5th spark that one of Prozoato's creations, Krohnus, was born with the knowledge and sense of time unlike any other. The One blessed him with great power and made him first of the Gods, the time-father. He weaved a fate-web capable of keeping the destruction of Kozoaku at bay, but it failed. Krohnus was spared from the destruction of the 5th spark. In the 6th spark, Krohnus weaved the fate of The Destroyer into the web itself; thus sapping Kozoaku's power and trapping him. Kozoaku must now tempt Prozoato's creations to release him from his prison in the first Mohkadun (so he may destroy again). In the latest spark, Khronus (additionally? again?) arranges that Kozoaku be trapped in not only by the laws of the fate-web, but locationally within a dimensional prison, "Never" to escape, (except that, of course, he succeeds again in tempting Prozoato's creations).


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