Min Bean is Zoë's younger sister, now entering college[1].

Min lives in Nebraska with Zoë's mother and father, but is interested in going to the same university Zoe did. She is eager to get to know Zoë's friends — especially Riff, who she has a crush on. Zoë wants to protect Min from the crazy events in her life, and so does not tell her about things like the curse put on her by the Camel Necklace.

When Oasis attacks Zoë at college, Zoë tries to protect Min by telling her to run away. However, Min disobeys and in turn tries to protect Zoë by swinging a shovel at Oasis's head.

When Zoë returns from the Dimension of Rain after having been presumed dead, she has a tearful reunion with Min and her parents.


An alternate version of Min exists in the Dimension of Rain. See Min (DoR).


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