MegaBabe549 was an extremely ugly woman that Torg went on a blind date with in Torg's Blind Date.



After Sam saw Torg and Zoë kiss at his New Years party[1], he decided to set Torg up with a blind date with someone he met online in order to get revenge and have Zoë all to himself[2]. Torg enthusiastically accepted, while Riff tried to talk him out of it, stating that if it was someone from the internet he couldn't be sure it was even a she. Torg remained oblivious until he actually met her at LeSnootier, and was horrified to see that she had five o'clock shadow, a hook for a left hand, and was hairy. Torg attempted to escape but couldn't find any hidden ways out of the restaurant[3]. Later at he attempted to leave, but Megababe549 insisted on giving Torg a goodbye kiss. Luckily for him Aylee arrived and ate Megababe549 before this happened[4].


Megababe549 also made an appearance in the Sluggy Freelance: Alternates story arc, where she took the place of Zoë at the Sikini Suicide Frisbee Match[5].


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