Torgamous was the Warlord of Mercia during the War of the Bug Squishers and the husband of Lady Valerie. By some unexplained coincidence, he was physically identical to Torg with the addition of a beard.

Lord Torgamous was severely ill and absent from public view during the time of K'Z'K's war against Mercia and Trent. When Torg and Zoë arrived in that same time and area due to a time-travel accident, Torgamous's grand vizier -style advisor Magon Coifer had Torg don a fake beard and pretend to be the warlord. There Torg also met Valerie, whom he had known and harbored romantic feelings towards earlier during his personal timeline in the future. When it turned that the Book of E-Ville, needed to defeat K'Z'K, was held by the Trents, Torgamous arranged them to declare war on Mercia so that Torg could lead it in his stead. However, both of the warring armies were eradicated by K'Z'K and his demons and deadels, and the book lost for the time being. Torg and Zoë escaped the battle and managed to find the Book of Güd and banish K'Z'K using that instead. Afterwards, the still less than fully recovered Lord Torgamous tried to lead a war against the weakened Trents, but fell on his own spear and died just as he was leaving.

Torgamous also owned the enchanted sword called Chaz, which was taken by Torg and carried with him back to the future.

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