Leono is Hive-King and leader of the aliens invading Earth in the alternate Dimension of Ghouls. Initially appearing as a mysterious figure in a white cloak[1], he is revealed to be of the same species as Aylee. He preaches a religion that states his race is on a divine mission to purify the universe of life, but it eventually becomes clear that he is simply using it as a means to manipulate his followers. Leono intentionally keeps his drones at low intelligence so that they are forced to follow him unquestioningly, and befriends Aylee so that he can gain her numerous powerful adaptations — including her runic shell, which he planned to use to survive even after destroying the world. Aylee, however, chooses to side with the humans, and leads Leono into a trap. He is killed by an orbital laser weapon, along with thousands of his drones[2].


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