Le Snootier is a fancy restaraunt. It first appears in A Spooky Kind of Love, when Torg takes Gwynn there on a "date". Someone had called in Doctor Steve's car as stolen, and the cops track it to the restaurant. In The Love Potion: PART 2 Torg takes Zoë there, where they run into Oasis. It turns out Oasis was the one who called in the car to track down Torg, and then watched the place waiting for him to return.

Sasha and Torg decide to go back to Le Snootier to see if Oasis is still around in Not a Good Idea. (Speculation: now that we know Sasha was a Hereti-Corp agent, it's possible she was ordered to track Oasis and that's why she arranged this dinner). Kusari shows up and in the ensuing battle, Le Snootier is destroyed.


Le Snootier's End

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