The Laser Sword was a Teknokon ship in Timeless Space.

Originally the property of Sir John Jacobs, the Laser Sword was given to Donaly for a mission to scout out the Madagascar in preparation for conquest. However, upon learning about Kada Jansen's map from Honest Stu, Donaly decided to take the ship in pursuit of Teknokon One. On the way, he tried to refill on time by plundering Calix's village, but was defeated and captured by Bun-bun.

Bun-bun formed a temporary alliance with Donaly, drafting an agreement by which he would captain the Bloody Bun and Donaly would captain the Laser Sword. However, this was a trick; in order to get the larger ship, Bun-bun switched their names, renaming the Laser Sword as Bloody Bun and the Bloody Bun as Laser Sword.

The original Laser Sword was ultimately destroyed by Sir John Jacobs' fleet, while Bun-bun escaped on the original Bloody Bun, which he gave back its original name.

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