Lady Kostianaya Noga is a mysterious Russian witch, based off of the legendary Baba Yaga. She commands a fleet of skiffs for Sir John Jacobs before betraying him. She is one of the few "exceptions" who arrived in Timeless Space via magic, rather than technology. She has exhibited such powers as training crows to fly where she commands and foretelling the future. Her plans may at first seem like flagrant abuses of her power (such as having her pets locked in an expensively shielded box for protection), but turn out to be deceptively ingenious (such as releasing the crows to attack when the ship is destroyed). Noga also has a callous disregard for those unfortunate enough to be placed under her command, and has no qualms about sacrificing them to achieve her goals. She also was allied with Blacksoul, has Feder and Jaspers collaborating with her, who helped her track Kada Jansen to Teknokon One using her belongings. She was last seen escaping with Teknokon One in tow.

Lady Noga first appeared on September 19, 2005.

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