Kiki is a ferret belonging to Riff. She is a former lab animal who is hyperkinetic with a microscopic attention span. She has a dark past as Dr. Crabtree's test animal. She belonged to Sam for a time after Bun-bun took over the lab and released the animals, then came into the care of Riff after Valerie made Sam get rid of her[1]. Kiki is like a small child in many respects; even though she can be annoying at times, most of the other characters, including Riff and Sam and even Bun-bun (who tends to be more condescending than hostile to her, labeling her a "tube rat" and often manipulating her), seem to have a soft spot for her, and will help her in times of need. She has a deep love of shiny things matched only by the shortness of her attention span. After some Halloween strips, Kiki is occasionally fed candy, which the first time showed her ability to move at supersonic speeds. Bun-bun on more than one occasion has taken advantage of this to weaponize her (the ferret-bazooka), as when sugar-powered she moves fast enough to penetrate solid brick walls. She also enjoys karaoke, often to the rest of the cast's dismay.

Kiki first appeared on December 15, 1997 [2].

At one point in the comic there would be No Content on Saturdays. The ever-curious Kiki would spend her saturdays looking for the "no content", which would be the filler strips for thuse saturdays.

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