Kesandru is a magician responsible for the creation of Brie Meighsaton House.

Kesandru was the apprentice to a magician who pierced the veil of the Never and made contact with the demonic Rithuly. Kesandru killed his teacher and made a deal with Rithuly, gaining the ability to command spirits in exchange for Rithuly gaining possession of his soul when he died.

Kesandru had little ambition for his power, using it mostly for card tricks. However, he had no intention of letting Rithuly claim his soul, and constructed Brie Meighsaton House to rescue him from Rithuly after his death. Using the power of the spirits trapped in the Well of Ghosts, the house would cross over to the Never; it would then dump them out, both bringing Kesandru back to the material world and (he hoped) appeasing Rithuly's anger over being cheated. However, his plans were ruined due to his untimely death from choking on a scarf, Creepser delaying his rescue for as long as possible out of spite, and Sam Sein throwing the house off-course when it did finally cross over.

Kesandru had a daughter, Brie Meighsaton, who inherited his house after his death.

An alternate Kesandru was successful in cheating Rithuly, and became President of America in the Dimension of Ghouls.

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