Kent is a friend of Zoë and the nephew of Arminius Vambrey.

Zoë meets Kent at the radio station where she works. She gets embarassed when he runs into her at a restaurant and sees her ordering off the kids' menu[1].

Kent takes Zoë on a date to the musical "The Cylon King"[2]. However, she is also dating Leo during the same time period. Leo gives him a coupon for a free tooth-cleaning by Nana Avarre, the angsty dentist. He and Nana then begin dating.

Arminius tries to take Kent vampire hunting, but Kent doesn't believe in vampires, despite meeting Sam Sein in a bar. While humoring Arminius by going on a hunt with him, Kent accidentally discharges his crossbow and hits Amelia in the face. Not knowing that Amelia really is a Vrykolakas vampire, he flees in fear of being accused of murder.

Kent is fired from his radio job for making derogatory comments about the poor and opens a lemonade stand. However, after driving Riff and Torg's rival lemonade stand out of business, his stand is bought out by his bald, morally ambiguous business partner, who turns out to be Donald Trump[3]. Kent subsequently joins Riff, Torg, and Sam in working for Mr. Middleman.

After Leo returns from the Dimension of Sham-Pain, he goes drinking with Kent[4].


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