A scientist from the future who invented "the apparatus", a device that could create dimensional wormholes as well as generate what appeared to be a real-time map of the universe. Corporate heads known as Neckties attempted to expropriate this technology, claiming she had lied to them (the map actually displayed Timeless Space). Shortly before their arrival, however, the apparatus transported her to Timeless Space, possibly drawn to the signal of Carib-Carriage One. After being taken aboard the Bloody Bun (and after some coercion, of course), she agreed to help Bun-bun get home in exchange for protection. Calix soon rebelled against Bun-bun, and Kada became the new first mate. Her computer, in conjunction with the apparatus, ultimately helped to locate Teknokon One. She escaped with Calix, B.A., and Honest Stu when Lady Noga attacked the Bloody Bun after Bun-bun fell into the Oceans Unmoving. Upon locating Teknokon One, she found that it had been left behind by her former co-worker Makz Crane for her escape. However, Lady Noga used a spell on her that caused her to suffer psychosomatic back spasms, which bought Noga enough time to steal Teknokon One. After recovering from the spell she repaired their damaged skiff and continued traveling with Calix, rescuing survivors and victims of the Long Grey. She and Calix are now deeply in love and captains her own ship crewed by rescuees along with being co-leader of the rebellion against Sir John Jacobs.

Kada first appeared on January 24, 2005.

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