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K I T T E N I I is the fourth story in chapter 32 of Sluggy Freelance, Scary Chapter. Torg, Zoë, Bert and Angela are whisked back to Wispydale by a pseudo-army dedicated to keep The EVIL at bay. Riff follows them according to a message Zoë left. Their commander though is a mad clown and has set up for the EVIL to awaken and blames it on Flaky (whose "date" with Satan went so badly that he cursed the survivors of the first massacre to be the new caretakers). Satan has given the kittens mittens, and the power of flight, which they use to kill Jack the Clown and much of the Arny. Riff tries to make a plan to ensure the survival of the group, but treachery by two other Arny members kills many more, as well as Bert. In a last effort, the kittens can be given milk, and the only two survivors of the Arny join Flaky in her efforts. No twist ending.

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