Jessup is an old grumpy man who Bun-bun has turned into his personal transport.

The story behind this was that Bun-bun was out of gas, and asked Jessup for assistance. Jessup replied that the nearest gas station was miles away, and that he would protect the can of gas he had right beside himself.

Bun-bun rides Jessup from a neck position, holding his moustace to control him. Jessup gallops at Bun-buns insistance, and has been known to outrace a Prius. At the request of Bun-bun, Torg also rides Jessup. When the gang get lost in the woods, Bun-bun offered a ride in Jessup, wich result on him become heavely injured for carring too much people. Despite being one of the most abused victims of Bun-bun, the bunny display his respect for the old man by "retiring" him in a strip club, much to Jessup's delight [1].

He eventually get back to his home, but soon proved to have not learned the lesson of what happens to those how provocated Bun-bun, as when the bunny asks for gas another time, Jessup once again threatened him with a gun, wich leads the bunny to beat and tied Jessup up [2]. Later, Big bear stole Noogy's car with Jessup and asks if he would go to Vegas or to get revenge against Bun-bun. Jessup choices the former and Big bear decided to go with him, giving up his plans for revenge. <ref>"Error: Invalid time. Sluggy Freelance: Error: Invalid time.".</ref>

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