It's the Wrong Torg, Grommit!
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It's the Wrong Torg, Grommit! is the second story in chapter 6 of Sluggy Freelance, Torg Goes to Hell. Torg is dragged out of the Dimension of Pain just as a disguised Horribus and Reakk managed to convince him to leave the circle of protection. He finds himself in a seemingly pleasant alternate dimension which he at first doesn't want to leave, since everyone except Kiki is nice. He isn't the only displaced Torg, however. Riff and Zoë dragged in a Torg with purple hair and strange clothes who speaks Portuguese, and that Torg's Riff and Zoë caught an ogre-like, hairy Torg.

Torg meanwhile finds that the Dimension of Lame has its downsides, with rice cakes and spring water being considered party fare, no salt, sugar, and meat - and no swearing, which is censored. He convinces this dimension's Bun-bun to send him back home, which works flawlessly. That leaves the business of sending the Portuguese torg home, but since Riff can't track that dimension down. Luckily, the alternate Riff does, and their Zoë brings that Torg home. For Torg, the story ends with Riff and Zoë playing a trick on him. The demons of the Dimension of Pain however find that inside the sacred circle of protection is a pinhole to another dimension, left when Torg was dragged away from them. Since they cannot enter the circle, the Demon King has ordered the Evil Super Mop of the Heavens to mop it up, but it will take eons for it to arrive...

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