Chapter 1: Is It Not Nifty?
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Is It Not Nifty? is chapter 1 of Sluggy Freelance, and is contained in the book of the same name. The chapter contains our first encounters with Torg, Riff, Bun-bun and Zoë.


In which Satan possesses a computer.

Along Came a BunnyEdit

In which Bun-bun joins the cast. I think this is Bun-Bun's first mention of Baywatch.

Teddy WeddyEdit

In which Bun-bun fights to remain the strip's cute talking animal. We see Bun-Bun's switchblade for the first time, while fighting a bear.

Demon Summoning WeekEdit

In which demons are summoned for fun and profit. First appearance of the Book of E-Ville.

The Bikini-Suicide-Frisbee MatchEdit

In which Torg and Riff enjoy some sports and first meet Zoë.

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